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Biggest and Darkest Secrets About the British Royal Family

The private life of celebrities is so fascinating to watch that people all over the world make it their number one hobby, especially if you’re a big fan of the British royal family. From time to time, these dukes, duchess, princesses, etc., will do something so crazy that everyone will be talking about it the next day. And then there are bits and pieces of their darkest secrets that would seep through the cracks.

They want us to forget about mishaps, but the Internet never forgets. Let’s see what skeletons the Royals are hiding.

1. Is Prince Charles really a prince?

In this episode of The Maury Povich Show, we’ll find out who is Prince Charles’s real father! Or not, because there is no concrete evidence. But the seed of doubt was sown when the world found out about Major James Hewitt and Princess Diana’s affair. Looking at Prince Charles, you can easily see Hewitt’s facial features, and there’s that red hair, of course. But, Hewitt insisted that he and Lady D started their fling after Harry was born. 

2. Princess Margaret’s long-lost love

Have you heard the heart-breaking story of Lady Margaret and Peter Townsend? Romeo and Juliet have nothing on these two. When Margaret was fourteen years old, she met Peter for the first time, but it took them eight whole years to properly fall for each other. Sadly, by that time, Townsend was already married and had two kids, but that’s nothing a good old divorce couldn’t fix. These two wanted to hook up no matter what, but the divorce took too long and eventually made it impossible. Margaret’s sister Queen Elizabeth II did her best to make this marriage happen, but Winston Churchill vetoed it and sent Townsend away to work for the British Embassy. Eventually, Margaret married and divorced Antony Armstrong-Jones, but Peter will always be the one who got away.

3. How “royal” is the royal family?

Which source do you trust more, the Royal Archives holding written evidence of the royal family dating back a thousand years or this little thing called DNA testing? In 2012, King Richard III’s 500-year-old remains were unearthed in a Leicester parking lot, and after running a few DNA tests on them, scientists could not link his genome markers to any paternal relatives. In laymen’s terms, sometime in the past 500 years, the “pure” genes of the royals were muddled, breaking the chain of descendants. This pretty much means that many kings and queens have no claim to the throne, including Queen Elizabeth II.

4. Friends with Hitler?

It’s a big secret that the Queen’s uncle, King Edward VIII, was a Nazi sympathizer, but somehow the whole world already knew that. The royals tried very hard to cover it up, but thanks to the book “17 Carnations: The Royals, the Nazis and the Biggest Cover-Up in History,” it’s now become general knowledge. The past is in the past; it’s more important that the present rulers don’t side with the Russian regime and Putin’s neo-Nazis.

5. Prince George’s bisexuality and drug use

Prince George may be a dark stain on the royal family’s otherwise impeccable record (just look at this list), but you can’t deny that the “peasants” love to follow his ridiculous escapades. The royal family was always trying to keep things under wraps, but eventually, his salacious lifestyle filled with men, women, parties, and drugs started to leak. Unfortunately, in 1942, George died in a plane crash. It could have been an accident or a perfect way to finally shut him up.

6. Incestuous cousins, Prince Albert and Queen Victoria

In one twisted way or another, all humans have the same progenitors, so technically, we’re all cousins, but it’s one thing to love the neighbor who’s potentially a 500th generation cousin with 0.00001% gene similarity, and it’s a whole different vibe when you marry your aunt’s son or daughter. Royal families were known to “keep it in the family,” but eventually, some fresh blood was added to the gene pool. In 1840, however, when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert wed in 1840, that gene pool started bubbling again, as they were first cousins and had nine children together. Thankfully, the modern royals would never let anything like that happen today.

7. Did Richard III murder his nephews?

King Richard III was one of the most controversial rulers of England. A lot of the stories revolving around him have been proven to be fake, some turned out to be real, but there’s one that will forever remain a grim mystery. Did Richard III order to kill his two nephews? After the death of Edward IV, who left his two sons in Richard’s care, they had been either killed by the king himself, his servant, Sir Tyrell, or committed suicide, as their remains were found inside the tower around 350 years ago. The remains were put in special urns, but no scientist has been allowed to analyze them to this day. What dark secrets are these royals still hiding?