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10 Facts About The Kids Of “The Little Couple”

When Bill Klein and Jen Arnold made their TV debut on “The Little Couple” in 2009, they earned fans all over the world. But just when viewers thought things couldn’t get any more adorable, Bill and Jen proved them wrong, adopting two incredibly cute kids in 2013. Jen opened up to The Wrap, sharing, “We always thought we wanted two kids in general. It wasn’t that we intended to, or tried to, adopt two children at one time. It’s just how the stars aligned, really.”

Their son Klein was born in China in 2010, while his little sis Zoey was born in India just a year later. Both children, who have dwarfism, were only toddlers when they joined Bill and Jen’s growing family. “The Little Couple” would go on to show the ups and downs of Will and Zoey’s journey over the next six years. From the time of children’s adoption to today, here are the top 10 facts you don’t know about Klein and Zoey.

Both of them have do sleep studies regularly

Due to both children having a kind of skeletal dysplasia called achondroplasia, which comes with specific health complications, Jen and Bill have made the decision to send them sleep studies regularly. In an interview with Katie Couric, Jen explained that the kids’ most significant issues were related to the neck and head, which can cause obstructive sleep apnea. 

On Instagram, Jen showed a video of Zoey undergoing the process. Jen wrote in an Instagram caption on the video, “Obstructive sleep apnea (#OSA) which is a breathing disorder characterized by narrowing of the upper airway that impairs normal ventilation during sleep.” When untreated, OSA can cause an increased risk of disease, hypertension, stroke, metabolic disorders, and more.

Their son Will hates to walk on textured surfaces

Although one of Will Klein’s favorite things is spending time in the water (you can see him taking swim lessons on “The Little Couple,” for example), he prefers going to the pool over the beach. But why? because of the terrain he would need to cross to reach said body of water, like a lake or ocean. When Glamour interviewed Bill, the father of two revealed that his son dislikes sand and grass and prefers sticking to paved surfaces instead. 

Zoey explores her roots through Bollywood dance

Zoey Klein has stayed in touch with her South Indian background since she was young, and she explores the culture by studying Bollywood dancing, a high-spirited dance style often seen in Indian films. Since Jen and Bill consider it important to keep their kids connected to their heritage, they signed Zoey up for Bollywood dances. Since she started, she’s taken part in many competitions and recitals with joy and confidence. When visiting Mumbai in 2019, she even showed off her moves in an IG post.

Even when they moved to Boston in 2021, she joined a new Bollywood dance team, and in 2023, her team did a memorable performance as a Diwali celebration. 

Will and Zoey Klein enjoyed seeing their family on TV

While some kids might not like being in the spotlight, these two are highly entertained to see themselves and their parents onscreen. Although both children felt comfortable flaunting their personalities for the cameras, Will was the most excited by it; his father called him “photogenic” starting from when his foster care facility took pictures of him in China. Though the show hasn’t aired since 2019, Zoey has her fingers crossed for a new season, saying in a 2022 Instagram video, “We’ll go back on “The Little Couple,” and don’t believe mommy. Cause if I’m a grown up, I promise I’ll be back.”

Zoey Klein enjoys horseback riding

Along with dancing, another one of Zoey Klein’s hobbies is horseback riding, which she loves. Since her equestrian interest first popped up, she’s developed many skills, like balancing on top of a horse and applying the saddle. Zoey even knows how to ride a horse without the help of a handler, and she has a close relationship with a pony called Shamus, not just riding him but caring for him, too. Sadly, Shamus retired in 2023 after 12 years of teaching kids how to ride.

Will Klein loves the Kansas City Chiefs

Will is an athlete at heart and has always loved sports, including lacrosse, diving, and swimming. However, his favorite is football. While Jen worries because of the potential injuries that football players face, Will has an undeniable passion for the sport and was even the manager of his school football team in Massachusetts. He’s attended NFL games where he represented the Kansas City Chiefs and was excited to see the team win Super Bowl LVIII.

Both kids excelled academically post-pandemic

Although the pandemic was challenging for all families, it was especially so for the Kleins. Bill, who had to continue managing his pet boutique business, also started homeschooling the kids during the COVID-19 pandemic, staying up all night to tend to his business and teaching the kids school during the day. Due to this one-on-one time, the kids started to excel in many subjects after Will intervened.

They participated in a Q&A with an expert about vaccine research

Zoey and Will are now YouTube celebrities thanks to appearing on their mother’s channel. Jen is a board-certified neonatologist, and during the pandemic, she had her children star as guests on a talk with a former colleague of Jen named Dr. Peter Hotez. They asked Hotez, a vaccine research expert, engaging questions about the COViD-19 vaccine and what it would be like for kids, as well as voicing their own knowledge and promoting safety during the pandemic. 

Will Klein experienced social media backlash

As most teens do, Will has his own TikTok and IG accounts, but he stirred up some controversy when posting a video of himself dancing to a song with explicit language. Though the video has been deleted, his mother, Jen, posted an apology video saying that after a discussion, her son agreed to be more responsible with social media but asked the public to “give Will some grace” since he’s still learning the ropes of social media. 


Will posted an adorable dance with an unfortunately inappropriate song in the background. We discussed with him, agreed to make better decisions because his social media is viewed more and that means he has a greater responsibility if he would like to use it. I hope you all will give Will some grace on this as he is like so many kids out there, new to social media and still learning. #momlife #socialmedia #littlecouple #safeposting #learning #trends #parenting #kidsofinstgram #momsofinstagram #parents #momsoftiktok #parentsoftiktok #kidsoftiktok

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They know what they want to be when they’re older

The youngest stars of “The Little Couple” have such a diverse range of talents and interests, but they still have an idea of what they want their professions to be in the future. While Zoey’s dreams are related to working with animals, Will has a longer list of options and has expressed a desire to either become a football player or the first little person to go to space. While Jen always encourages her kids to dream, she did explain to Will that playing football professionally isn’t possible, but related jobs like coaching are.