9 Shocking Outfits Worn On Live TV

We’ve all seen our share of wardrobe scandals on television, whether it’s a wardrobe malfunction, someone dressing too provocatively, or people just deciding to judge someone too harshly because they don’t like their style. These things are in the yellow press and on Twitter all the time. But are all of them fair? We’re not so sure. Let’s take a look at some of the outfits we’ve seen on live TV that was deemed shocking and you be the judge of them.

1. Amanda Kloots – The Talk

Amanda has been criticized for how she dressed on The Talk quite a lot, in fact, the studio has been flooded with complaints and there’s been a lot of talk on Twitter. People complain that her short dresses and mini skirts are too much for daytime TV and showing off that much leg is just not right. We’re not sure what the big deal is, but you be the judge.

2. Nicki Minaj – Good Morning America

Nicki has always been scandalous, it’s her thing. But in 2011 she managed to really get America mad when she showed up in a very tiny crop to a morning show and the inevitable happened during her performance. For a whole minute, she was dancing oblivious to her wardrobe malfunction, which was enough time for seemingly everyone who was awake to complain.

3. Miley Cyrus – 2015 VMAs

This is hard to argue with, Miley’s outfits for the VMAs left little to the imagination, she basically walked around in elaborate pasties. But was it entertaining and shocking at the same time? Yup, and we never expected less from her.

4. Colombian Cycling Team

We’re not sure who designed these cycling suits and whether they were of sound mind or really trying to pull a practical joke, but we can all agree that this looks absolutely ridiculous. It’s quite jarring at first glance, but the more you look the funnier it gets.

5. Weather Reporter In A Little Black Dress

They say a little black dress is a perfect thing to wear for any occasion, but it turns out wearing it to work as a weather reporter isn’t a great idea. They got so many emails about this that mid weather report, an arm with a gray cardigan appeared in shot and Liberté Chan was asked to put it on.

6. Too Much for Ramadan

A game show host wore this white dress and ended up being suspended for her dress choice. The middle eastern public said it was too much and not suitable attire to wear on TV during Ramadan.

7. Katy Perry– AMAs 2013

You could say that it was a different time and people weren’t as aware of cultural appropriation back then, but really? Dressing up a white girl as a geisha, whitening her face, and making the whole outfit revealing by adding slits was a very stupid move. What’s shocking is that no one in her circle told her it wasn’t a good idea.

8. Chrissy Teigen – AMAs 2016

Remember the dress Chrissy Teigen wore to the AMAs that year? We’re not exactly sure it can be called a dress when it has slits up to your chest, but hey, props to her for being so brave. Not many would risk wearing that out in public. But Chrissy has always been a polarizing figure, you either love her crazy tactics or you hate her.

9. Ryan Gosling – Jimmy Kimmel Live

And finally, let’s talk about that time Ryan Gosling showed up to the Jimmy Kimmel show and wore a suit that was way too tight and showed off way more than Ryan intended. He did notice it right away and said that his mistake was not trying on the suit before coming to the show, but it was too late, so he spent the entire interview covering his crotch with his hands.