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Top 7 Most Controversial Prince William Moments

The British royalty is not as fun to follow as they used to be. But thanks to the paparazzi who devote their lives to digging up dirt on the Queen and her family, we can witness some of the most controversial moments in modern history. It only gets more awkward when you realize 90% of all these situations pertain to Prince William. Let’s list some of the weirdest things Will has done so far!

1. Bros Before Royal Duties

This one may be controversial for the stuck-up royal types, but in actuality, William did what he wanted to, and that should be celebrated. In 2017, during the Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey, every single royal person and their dogs were present. Well, except Prince William, who decided to ditch the event and go skiing in the Swiss Alps with his actual friends. Can you blame him? Because apparently, the papers had a field day with this story, especially when new photos of William and some hot models dancing were taken by the paparazzi. How dare you have fun, Will?

2. William’s Controversial Trip to India

How awkward is must it be to visit the countries that used to be your colonies? Well, if anyone could answer that question, it would be the British Royal family. Historically, the relationship between India and the British monarchy was controversial, to put it mildly, especially in lieu of the whole Koh-i-Noor diamond shenanigans. But the 2016 events only solidified the gap between these nations. William and Kate decided to travel a bit and visited India to hunt down poachers. But then it turned out that the poachers the royals were shooting were actually just members of a local tribe who were looking for food on the reservation. Just bad news all around.

3. William’s Bad Take on the War in Ukraine

The British government and the people of Britain have unanimously shown their support for Ukraine in this cruel war waged on innocent civilians by the Russians. But to Prince William, the concept of war in Eastern Europe was akin to a conflict in Africa or Asia. At least that’s what the media put in their headlines the next day, but People magazine admitted that William was misquoted and quickly fixed the news. The damage was done, but he survived, and President Zelenskyy still thanked William for his support on Twitter.

4. Ain’t No Party Like a Prince William Party

William was a wild stud before he married Kate Middleton, but even during their dating phase, he’d demonstrated to the world just how unhinged the British royalty can be. If it wasn’t for the paps, we’d never find out that in the late 2000s, William’s lifestyle was sheer debauchery. That’s when the cameras caught his naughty princely hand groping a woman’s breast at some rave party. To say that Kate was pissed at him would be an understatement. But it got even worse when William decided to break things off with his girlfriend, as he did it over the phone. How these two went back together, we will never understand.

5. His controversial remarks about the African population

Imagine being a British Prince with a truckload of privileges and speaking out on Africa’s rapidly growing population and how it will affect the wildlife and habitat. Sounds surreal, and yet that’s exactly what happened at the Tusk Trust event in 2017. Needless to say, the backlash was huge, and to add insult to injury, only one black person was present at the event. This whole this was for show and even that didn’t end well for the white savior, Prince William.

6. William’s Fling With Rose Hanbury

Despite looking like a perfect couple, Prince William and Kate Middleton have had their fair share of relationship bumps. One of which was Kate’s close friend Rose Hanbury, Marchioness of Cholmondeley. Apparently, Willy has always been a big fan of her, and if the tabloids are to be believed, these two had a fling when Kate was pregnant with the third child. William used to talk about Rose as the one that got away. And to add fuel to the flame, he used his legal team to stop the rumor from spreading to more news outlets.

7. Prince William, The Brave Hunter

Hunting is as old as humankind itself, but that doesn’t give you the right to grab a rifle and go shoot lions, William. Whoever is still romanticizing the hunt needs to stop and take a look around. There’s absolutely no need for this archaic tradition to exist in our age, especially since so many animal species are endangered. And you definitely should not take your 7-year-old kid to shoot grouses, Willy! This guy was caught red-handed in Spain with a dead wild boar and a stag, months after shunning rhino hunters. And then, in 2016, he went trophy hunting for a lion. What the heck?