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Sources Revealed that Donald and Melania’s Marriage May Be on the Rocks

Rumors have been circulating about the state of Donald and Melania Trump’s marriage, and now a former close friend of the former first lady is stirring up more controversy. Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, who was once Melania’s aide and trusted confidant, saw their friendship come to an abrupt end in 2018 amidst accusations that she had personally profited from the 2016 inauguration, which she had organized. In response to these allegations, Wolkoff pushed back by making her own claims of misconduct within the administration, leading to the publication of her tell-all memoir, “Melania and Me.” Since then, Wolkoff has taken to social media to highlight what she perceives as flaws and deceptions within the Trump family, including shedding light on Melania’s unfiltered feelings towards Ivanka Trump, her stepdaughter. Wolkoff’s most recent criticism has been aimed at the state of the Trumps’ marriage.

“Let me bottom line this for you,” Wolkoff said online. “Perception is everything to the Trump family so Donald’s lack of ‘chivalry’ towards Melania is quite a ‘tell.'” She went on to detail different occasions, with accompanying video footage of Donald Trump being inconsiderate towards Melania. This was a very revealing context for how Donald Trump has treated Melania on several occasions. The post featured a compilation video of the ex-president and his wife attending different events at Mar-a-Lago across a timeline. In the initial clips, like the one from New Year’s Eve 2022, they are seen walking together hand in hand, or with Donald graciously letting Melania enter first. However, in more recent snippets, like the Trumpettes gala in February 2024, the former president is depicted confidently striding ahead of his wife without looking back.

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff’s digital collage regarding X aimed to illustrate a perceived strain in the relationship between Donald and Melania Trump. Numerous observers concurred that the ex-president’s actions, such as walking ahead of his spouse instead of showing affection, were disrespectful. A particular commentator remarked, “He always needs to be in the spotlight. It must be draining to be with someone of that nature.”

Until now, other responses have highlighted that this behavior is not new for the former president. There are previous instances documented during his administration where Donald Trump exhibited similar discourteous behavior. A video from 2018 by The Independent depicts a moment in the rain where Trump held a large umbrella over himself, neglecting to shield Melania from the elements. People have also recalled what happened on his inauguration day. “Remember the day he was sworn in as POTUS?” asked one person. “He got out of the car and was halfway up the stairs [of the White House] before Melania was even out. The President & Michelle Obama waited for her and escorted her up the stairs.” This is another prime example of questionable behavior from Donald Trump towards Melania, which has led many people to wonder about the future of their marriage moving forward. 

It is unlikely that any of these factors will significantly impact the relationship between the Trumps. There are numerous potential explanations as to why Donald and Melania Trump continue to remain united, with Melania demonstrating a composed demeanor and not likely to object to being slightly overlooked. According to Wolkoff’s book, available on Amazon, Melania is lauded for her unwavering composure and skill in navigating through challenging situations: “Melania? Don’t worry about her! She’s fine.”