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The Weirdest Taylor Swift Conspiracy Theories

Taylor Swift has grown notorious for leaving Easter eggs in her work. These little hints increase engagement with her fans as they cause an online frenzy with theories about what the singer-songwriter is giving clues about. In the process, it promotes her output. These Easter eggs also lead many fans to look more closely at T-Swift’s work and creatively interpret it so that they can be the person to crack the sought-after mystery that the Swifties so desperately want to solve. Ultimately, these little secret nuggets of knowledge help the celebrity’s followers connect more deeply with Swift and feel closer to her. 

One instance of her hidden clues is when fans followed the trail and worked out that she would announce “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” at the Eras Tour on August 9, 2023. Although some of these Easter eggs were discovered during the Eras Tour, many of them are a reference to future projects.

These hints aren’t without their drawbacks, they can lead to persistent, round-the-clock speculation and insane conspiracy theories. For example, a blurry video of Taylor and her then-BFF Karlie Kloss that was captured in 2014 led some people to think the women were making out.

Despite clarifying in a Vogue interview that she doesn’t identify as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, the star says that she’s proud to be an ally. Still, it’s rumored that the starlet is covering up her sexuality because she’s afraid of backlash. As a result, rumors have swirled that Swift’s relationship with NFL player Travis Kelce is solely a fake relationship based on PR. 

Jesse Watter’s conspiracy theory that Taylor Swift was a Pentagon Psy Op

You know a Taylor Swift conspiracy theory is going to be unhinged when a presenter confesses that they don’t have any proof to back it up. On a January 2024 episode of “Jesse Watters Primetime” on FOX, the TV host proposed that Swift was a psychological operation manufactured to influence public opinion.

He was supposedly referring to the time that Swift outed herself as a Democrat in 2018 while encouraging younger generations to register to vote. Just a day after she made the call to action, approximately 65,000 people did so. 

Most of us would say that Swift is the massive celebrity that she is due to her hard work, commitment, and talent as a performer and artist. Still, Watters was convinced that Pentagon ties were the reason behind her fame. In the Fox show host’s words, “Well, around four years ago, the Pentagon’s Psychological Operations unit floated, turning Taylor Swift into an asset during a NATO meeting. What kind of asset? A PsyOp for combating online misinformation.”

After making these wild claims, he played a video from the 2019 NATO Cooperative Cyber Defense Center of Excellence conference as supposed proof. He claimed that a presenter called Alicia Marie Bargar referenced Swift as a PsyOp. In reality, she just used her as an example of how people with power have the ability to sway public opinion.

The Eras Tour is also filled with conspiracy theories

In the background of Swift’s “Willow” performance at the Eras Tour, there’s a subtle humming in the background as the singer and her dancers put on an otherworldly performance. Despite being a beloved tour with memorable visuals happening on stage, conservative politician Kandiss Taylor took to X to write that she stopped being a T-Swift fan after she believed the singer incorporated satanic references and performed witchcraft during her show. Weirdly enough, she’s not the only person to think that. 

After one fan posted a video of himself on social media shouting at her to summer demons during a performance of “Willow,” Swift commented, asking if this would be the next chant at her tour, like her well-known “one, two, three, let’s go b****!”

Another user commented, “So what she’s saying is ‘summon the demons’ is the new crowd chant that they all say when she does this witchcraft ritual.”

This theory has only been theorized by the public, but one conspiracy theory about the Eras Tour was true. Before her show, fans saw staff moving around a cleaning cart backstage. Supposedly, Swift hid in the cart to travel to her dressing room backstage in order to stop people from seeing her before the performance. These suspicions were confirmed when footage from a video caught her exiting the cart.