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Caught on Camera: Reporter Spots Sister ‘Stole’ Her Watch Live on TV

This small incident sheds light on the bigger picture of what it’s like to grow up with siblings and how these bonds change over time.

You can watch the video below, to see Malika go from looking puzzled to smiling, realizing her sister has her watch. It’s a typical moment between siblings, showing their special connection and the silent jokes they share.

The incident shows how siblings always find ways to tease and have fun with each other, no matter how old they are or how far apart they live.

At the heart of it, having a sibling is a universal thing that cuts across all cultures. It’s this mix of love and competition, secret-sharing, and sometimes not knowing if you want to hug them or wrestle them. They’re your first buddy and secret-keeper, teaching you about teaming up, competing, and dealing with all sorts of feelings. Growing up with siblings shapes who you are, what you like, and even how you joke around.

As we get older, our lives take us in different directions. The shared bedroom turns into separate lives. But even as things change, that sibling bond remains solid, adapting and growing stronger with time. It’s amazing how siblings keep influencing each other, no matter where life takes them.

Siblings have a huge role in shaping us. Older siblings might be your role models, and younger ones can teach you about patience. These relationships push us to develop our social skills and emotional smarts right from the start. They’re our first playmates and test subjects as we learn about ourselves and how to get along with others.

Siblings, from taking our watches without permission to supporting us in good and bad times, are an important part of our lives.

Sure, siblings argue—about borrowed stuff, overstepped boundaries, you name it. But it’s through these tiffs that we learn about making up and forgiving. These tough times are actually good for something. They teach us how to negotiate, communicate, and remember that at the end of the day, love is what matters most.

Coming back to Malika and Kendra and the watch saga, it’s clear that the real magic of having a sibling isn’t in those moments of conflict but in the deep connection that lasts through everything. Siblings help write our first stories, share our adventures, and hold onto our fondest memories. They’re a piece of our past and a comforting constant in our lives.

Check out the hilarious moment in the video below

Imagine this: you’re doing your job, presenting on LIVE TV from the studio, and bam, you see your sibling (on-the-scene reporter) wearing your watch on air. Yup, that happened to sports reporters Malika Andrews and her sister Kendra. They both work on TV, and it seems like Kendra decided to “borrow” Malika’s watch for a broadcast. Talk about a surprise!

This is just one of those classic sibling moments, right? Annoying at the time, sure, but it’s really about that special sibling connection. Borrowing stuff without asking might drive you nuts, but it’s also kinda funny and shows how siblings can really push your buttons, yet still make you feel close.


The journey with siblings is full of laughter, tears, and countless shared experiences that shape who we are. Despite the ups and downs, this relationship is a rich source of happiness, learning, and unconditional love. Having a sibling means having a forever friend, rival, and partner in crime, reminding us of the priceless treasure that is family.