Surprising Facts About Gina Carano

Gina Carano used to be the queen of MMA, a strong-willed girl who has earned her high status and wealth through hard work. Gina was born on April 16, 1982, in the family of a professional football player in Texas, on the outskirts of Dallas. The family later moved to Los Angeles.

From an early age, baby Carano had a knack for softball and volleyball, but that’s about it. After graduating from high school, Gina entered the University of Nevada at the Faculty of Psychology but dropped out and took up sports instead a year later. She continued her Thai boxing lessons and was soon noticed by the MMA officials in Nevada and got invited to take part in the competition. Carano knocked out Letizia Pestova in mere 38 seconds. However, many of her fights were canceled due to weight, problems with medical examination, and licensing.

Aside from beating up people for money, Gina has also managed to become a successful movie star. Thanks to her beauty and fighting skills, she quickly won the hearts of millions (only to shatter them a few years later). Films like Knockout, Fast and Furious 6, Deadpool, and the Disney show Mandalorian were all huge wins for Gina. And she would have kept going if it wasn’t for that really-really bad take on Twitter.

Well, at least her dating life is not as complicated. Carano’s first and only serious relationship was with mixed martial arts fighter Kevin Ross. So far, there has been no public wedding announcement, but the couple sticks together.

During a short-lived breakup, Gina also dated the 42-year-old athlete and film actor Keith Cope, who thought blackmailing her with nudes was a good idea; and then there was a short fling with Henry Cavil. In the end, Gina and Kevin got back together and have been living happily ever since.

Here are some more random facts about Gina Carano:

1) In 2009, Gina became the prototype for Natasha Volkova, a sniper from the computer game Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3. The gamers were pleasantly surprised to see their favorite MMA queen as a badass hitwoman.

2) The fight Carano is waging on excess weight has been going on since her childhood. On Gina’s first Muay Thai lesson, the coach basically called her fat and barred her from training. The bastard’s words scarred little MMA fighter for life. So much so that she volunteered for 14 Muay Thai fights, having been defeated in only one of them. But being overweight did affect her career. However, with a smile like that, Hollywood was at her knees.

3) In the insanely popular Disney+ show Mandalorian, Gina played Cara Dune, a badass mercenary, who was supposed to have a bigger story, but the Twitter thing happened.

4) Once in an interview, Carano said that Muay Thai fighters take such strong blows in the ring that to withstand them requires tremendous willpower. Gina applies the same effort outside of the ring and does her best to live life to the fullest: have fun, self-improve, and love people with all her heart, even if they’re republicans.