The Original Baywatch Cast – Where Are They Now?

Can you believe there are youths out there who only know of Baywatch as the movie with Zac Efron and The Rock? But it all started way sooner, back in 1989 with David Hasslehoff and Pamela Anderson. Those were the hot actors of the 90s. That show lasted until 2001, which is quite impressive considering it ran mostly on hot people in red swimwear. Let’s take a look at the original cast of Baywatch and see where those actors are now.

1. David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff was already quite a famous actor before Baywatch, but he’s been keeping pretty busy after. He’s been in Nick Fury: Agents of Shield, Knight Rider, he showed up in Guardians of the Galaxy and The Sponge Bob Square Pants Movie. He’s been a judge on America’s Got Talent and he competed on Dancing With The Stars. And most impressively he’s released 14 studio albums and even a heavy metal song in 2020. That guy is a multi-talented legend.

2. Pamela Anderson

Those who have seen Pamela Anderson run across the beach in a red Baywatch swimsuit will always cherish that memory. Since her time on the show Pamela, much like Hasslehoff has been in quite a few movies, had quite a few scandals and very strange relationships and marriages, she also competed on Dancing with the Stars, and went even further and appeared in Dancing on Ice in 2013. Pamela is also an avid animal rights activist and she’s written three books!

3. Billy Warlock

Billy Warlock was on Baywatch for 3 seasons and he’s managed to work on most big hit soap operas after. You’ve probably seen him on Days of Our Lives, The Young and the Restless, General Hospital, As the World Turns, One Life to Live. He eventually left Hollywood and moved to Colorado where he started working in a ski school for kids.

4. Shawn Weatherly

Shawn Weatherly was on Baywatch just for a season, but that paved her way into other shows like Chicago Hope and Murder, She Wrote. She also appeared in the horror movie Love in The Time of Monsters and Police Academy 3. She got married in 1994 and her last movie was in 1999 (Chicago Hope). Since then she’s been enjoying family life with her husband and two kids.

5. Holly Gagnier

After a season on Baywatch Holly had quite a few small roles on shows like Perception, 90210, House, General Hospital, and Crossing Jordan. She even played one of Joey’s crazy sisters on Friends. Holly also works as an acting coach, helping her students score roles on Netflix, HBO, Nickelodeon, etc. Her Instagram says she’s also a director and a mother. She lives in LA with her daughter.

6. Gregory Alan Williams

Gregory played the LAPD officer on Baywatch for 9 years (110 episodes). Since then he’s been pretty busy, appearing on the small screen on 38 different projects, including roles on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Castle, City of Angels. His latest role in a TV series is on Saints and Sinners. He’s also appeared in 29 movies, the latest one being a dark crime dramedy thriller Karen. Gregory also did voice work on two games: Avatar: The Game and Fallout: New Vegas. On top of that he’s written 4 books. Not bad for a Baywatch star, don’t you think?

7. Erika Eleniak

Erika’s time on Baywatch was brief, just three seasons. She has since had countless roles on various TV shows and many guest appearances. She also managed to make it on the big screen and has been in over 30 movies. Her latest project is due to be released in 2022, it’s a movie called Marilyn Monroe Back where she plays, you guessed it, Marilyn Monroe.

8. Parker Stevenson

Parker Stevenson was already a star by the time we saw him on Baywatch. His big breakout role was that of Frank Hardy on The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries. Since Baywatch, he’s been enjoying a successful career both on TV and the big screen. His latest role is on the show Greenhouse Academy on Netflix.

9. David Charvet

David spent three years playing Matt Brody on Baywatch and also starred in the 1995 movie Baywatch: Forbidden Paradise. He then snagged a role on another hit show Melrose Place, where he played Craig Field for a few seasons. He eventually left acting to become a singer. He released 3 albums and has toured around Europe.

10. Peter Phelps

Peter was the first Australian to appear on Baywatch. His time on the show was very short, just one year, he later moved back to Australia and continued his career there in TV, film, and theater. He also wrote 2 books and worked as a contributor to many magazines including Harper’s Bazar.