Complete Timeline of Zendaya and Tom Holland’s Relationship

Both Zendaya and Tom Holland are perfectly flawless individuals who have armies of fans that stan them, and now that they’ve united and finally come out as a couple, we’ve somehow fallen in love with them even more. Tom and Zendaya broke the internet when the world saw a photograph back in July 2021, smooching in a car in California.

Although the stars have insisted that their relationship is platonic for many years, it looks like the chemistry was undeniable, and fans are Spider Man finally getting what they’ve always wanted. Here’s a look at the complete timeline of Zendaya and Tom Holland’s relationship.

The “Spiderman: Homecoming” Audition

This is where Zendaya and Holland first met. Holland had actually mentioned that meeting Zendaya for the first time was embarrassing, and he thought he didn’t act his “smoothest.” However, Zendaya recalls the moment as being fine, but remembers the moment Holland was talking about, where he went in for a handshake and she went for a hug.

July 2016

On July 10, Tom and Zendaya posted their first IG pick together, where they’re hanging out in a pool with some friends. Tom posted it on his IG. The same month, they made their first red carpet appearance together at San Diego Comic Con. As always, Zendaya looked like a mega babe.

November 2016

This marks the month that the two lovebirds did their first joint cover, on the Hollywood Reporter. The ”Euphoria” star shared a picture of the cover to IG where she called bae “the very best” and in another post she called them a “dream team.” When Tom showed up in costume to surprise patients staying at NYC’s Presbyterian hospital. She responded by calling him the “world’s best real-life Spider-Man”.

June 2017

Zendaya called Tom a “great a** human being” in a post he shared, and later that month, the two of them went on a press tour for their movie. In many of their photos together, he’s obviously hyping her up and appreciating her for the actress she is. T

July 2017

This month, their movie was released and the world got to see the story of Peter and Liz come to life with the very real sparks of Zendaya and Tom. To Popbuzz, he jokingly called Zendaya his first celebrity crush. That same month, there were rumors that the stars were romantically involved, but they denied the rumors.

May 2019

In a photo he posted from the ‘Spider Man: Far From Home press tour, he accidentally tagged Zendaya on his groin area, and she called him out saying he didn’t know how to “workig”. Was it really accidental after all?

June 2019

Finally, Holland and Zendaya opened up in a rare moment, saying they found it annoying that fans kept bugging them about dating in real life. Still, that month, Tom Holland did an interview with Elle where he admitted that he was single, and more of a relationship person than a hookup kind of guy.

June 2021

Finally, after the rumors about these two eventually died down, in June the co-stars were spotted grabbing dinner on a date in LA. The next day, there was an image of them making out in a car at a red light. Page Six outted the happy couple, and of course the news went viral immediately.

August 2021

Zendaya and Holland had tons of chemistry filled interactions and moment together throughout the summer of 2021, with body language that screamed “we’re involved.”

September 2021

On the first day of September, Tom and Zendaya went public with their love. It also happened to be Zendaya’s birthday. Tom shared a BTS pic, saying, ” “My MJ, have the happiest of birthdays. Gimme a call when your [sic] up xxx.” She responded just ours later with, “Calling now. ♥️”. Swoon!

December 10, 2021

At an event for Sirius XM, Tomdaya gave an inspirational interview on the way their height difference was so controversial. With Zendaya being taller than Tom, the couple said they’ve been at the receiving end of lots of “misogynistic” and “problematic” ideas that Tom being shorter has a negative impact on their relationship. Zendaya even revealed that her mom was taller than her dad, so it was no biggie.

December 13, 2021

Tom was doing an interview on the Spider Man premiere carpet when he interrupted it without a though, putting the chat on pause when he spotted bae in the crowd. The look on his face was priceless — his jaw literally dropped. We get it — it’s Zendaya!

December 15, 2021

In another press junket for their movie, the interviewer from IMDB asked when we would see a Tom Holland cameo on “Euphoria.” Apparently, Toms been trying to snag a role on the edgy show for a while now, and Zendaya agreed that they should “Easter egg and put you in there.” As much as we’d love to see him hang with Rue and Jules, we’re not sure how the wholesome Tom would fit in on the set.