10 Interesting Shailene Woodley Facts

Shailene Woodley is a young rising star in Hollywood whose career quickly sky-rocketed after the success of the Divergent franchise. Playing Tris was just the beginning for he, so if you ever wanted to learn more about Shailene — now is your chance!

Here are ten interesting facts about the star of Divergent and Big Little Lies.

1. The thirty-year-old star already has over 40 projects under her belt. She started acting in films as a child long before Divergent gave her a boost. And Woodley’s debut was the role of a little girl in “Replacing Dad” (1999).

2. The actress was born in the family of a school director and a counselor, so as you can see, there were absolutely no signs of stardom in her family. However, growing up in California also means she’s had Hollywood in her backyard.

3. By the way, at the time, Shailene had not had any acting lessons, so everything you see on screen is pure talent. According to the actress, her acting style started to develop by observing the work of older, more experienced colleagues.

4. Despite her current fame and success, she does not like to be viewed as an unapproachable Hollywood snob, so if you ever see her in the city, say hi. Also, one of Shailene’s traits is to give people big warm hugs.

5. By the way, Woodley was very hesitant about becoming famous. Before agreeing to the main role in the acclaimed film adaptation of Divergent, the actress did some soul searching, as she was afraid of what popularity could do to her. Having weighed all the pros and cons, she decided in favor of a new experience, which she still does not regret.

6. In the end, Divergent brought Woodley not only the so much-needed experience and fame but also a lot of money. According to various sources, she got around $ 500,000 for the first movie, which is insanely good for a young actress.

7. Yet, even after making it big, she does not seem to care for a luxurious life. Instead of going to fancy restaurants, Shailene prefers to lead a healthy lifestyle, exercise, and eat healthy home-cooked food. Although, as you can see, pizza is never off the menu.

8. Speaking of culinary preferences, Shailene cannot survive a day without seaweed snacks, clay, and fermented veggies. And as an ultimate treat, she usually busts out chocolate as a reward for hard work.

9. Having constant filming plans, going on press tours, working on new projects, and other minor business events means that her personal life gets slowly covered in cobwebs. Shailene often makes new friends, but that’s where she draws the line. These friendships generate a lot of gossip around her, like the time when Woodley was getting heavily shipped with Theo James, her co-star from Divergent. No matter how passionate their kisses may look on-screen, the actors remain just friends in real life.

10. In Divergent, Shailene plays a rebel, which is exactly how she would describe her fifteen-year-old self. She was a real teen troublemaker and hated the whole world without really having a good enough reason. Maybe it’s because she didn’t have any peers to hang out with and was still playing with dolls. A statement needed to be made, and she went all out!