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Trump’s Mysterious Red Spots: Blisters from Playing Too Much Golf or Health Issue?

The Internet crowd is going wild discussing the red spots on Donald Trump’s hands, which were quite visible when he was greeting supporters. The ex-president stretched out his right hand, and people saw strange discoloration on the index finger and thumb, as well as the upper part of the palm.

Social media users noted that Trump’s hands were spotless when he appeared in public the day before, on January 16. And the very next day, boom, red spots all over his palm!

Former adviser to Bill Clinton, James Carville, said that it looks like syphilis. Some outlets theorize that Trump was burned with an iron or a really hot sauce, while others say that it could just be ketchup.

It’s worth mentioning some other recent incidents that may indicate Trump’s poor health: how he dragged his right leg, looked exhausted, confused Barack Obama with Joe Biden, the names of other people and places, and most noticeably, he seems to have lost a lot of weight.

Dr. Joshua Zeigner, associate professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, named three possible diagnoses. One of them could be dry hands, as dry skin is the most common cause of blisters and sores and can be caused by the weather or excessive hand washing. And, to be fair, Trump did claim to be a germophobe, so this one checks out. The second one he mentioned is a possible mechanical injury caused by sports and other activities like golf, which Trump is a big fan of. And lastly, the doctor cited lime juice as one of the causes, due to its peculiar reaction to UV rays, known as “margarita” burn.


A viral picture of sores on Trump’s hand. It Appears That Trump Has Secondary Syphilis

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Twitter users have also made a number of assumptions about what could have caused the red spots to appear. Some suspect that the ex-president may have gotten herpes on his hands somehow or simply fumbled and fell recently. As you can see, the rumors are already spreading and multiplying.

All in all, it’s safe to say that rashes can be caused by various factors, ranging from nasty infections and inflammatory conditions to external exposures, so basically, we can’t really diagnose Donald Trump from just one photo and most likely will not find out the real reason. But, hey, if he wants these wild speculations to keep circulating, people don’t mind sharing their outlandish opinions on the Internet.