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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Declare Bankruptcy?

It seems like even celebrities and royals can go through financial hardships. These days it’s Prince Harry and Meghan Markle who are having a hard time keeping up their income level suitable for the expensive lifestyle they’re used to. 

According to Tom Bower, the British biographer, Harry and Meghan have been spending quite a lot of money to sustain their luxurious lifestyle, and that just doesn’t match up with their income anymore. Meghan left her acting life behind when she married Harry, so she no longer has her Hollywood income, and while being a royal supplied you with financial support, both Meghan and Harry have left the Royal Family too, so that means their “royal funding” has been cut off as well. On top of that they’ve moved to the US, where they’ve had to set up their life from scratch, which as we all can imagine ain’t cheap, especially when you consider all the security concerns this high-profile family has. 

As you’ve probably seen on Netflix, the ex-royals have starred in a docu-series called “Harry & Meghan”. Meghan has also launched her podcast called “Archetypes” in August of 2022. And Harry has recently published a book called “Spare” that revealed quite a lot of unheard before things from his life and broke many records in terms of sales. All this is an attempt to gather enough funds for Harry and Meghan’s luxurious lifestyle, but it might still not be enough. There was recent news about the fact that Meghan might be relaunching her blog soon, the one that she had to shut down once she became part of the royal family. So that could be another potential income source since she used to be into wellness blogging before and that’s quite a profitable type of blogging.

The couple is used to private jets and special treatment, and unless you’re a royal who doesn’t have to think of money, it all costs a pretty penny. So they’re creating jobs for themselves and attempting to earn a living. For them, that means doing more projects based on their level of fame. 

But there’s another angle to this story. One that’s less about a luxurious lifestyle and a life of spending, and more about the actual need for safety. Both Harry and Meghan are very high-profile celebrities, whether you like it or not. Being the son of the ruling British monarch means not only a life of privilege but also a life of threats and constant spotlight. 

It makes sense that Harry wants to protect his family and make sure they can be safe. And providing such a high level of security 24/7 isn’t cheap. And security doesn’t just mean a bodyguard for each member of the family, it also means house security, guards, security cameras, and traveling too. It’s not like they can just hop onto a commercial flight, that would be careless. Those private flights and private cars might be the only option for Harry and Meghan in order to provide a maximum level of security for them and their kids. 

There are always two sides to a coin, so think about that before you judge someone, even if they seem like spoiled rich celebs.