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5 Reasons Why Attractive People Tend To Be Single

Many people wish they were more attractive, and fantasize that this will make their lives better in some way. It is understandable that most people feel this way as society seems to favor those who are deemed traditionally attractive. It can seem like attractive people are given everything they want in life, and generally have it easier than those who are considered less attractive by traditional standards. But have you ever thought about the possibility that being more attractive can actually have its downsides? This may be hard to believe, but it is actually true. People who are believed by most to be more attractive can actually have some setbacks because of these beliefs. It can affect different aspects of their lives, especially in the romance department. Read on to learn 5 reasons why attractive people tend to be single. 

Their beauty can be intimidating

People may like to admire beautiful people, but sometimes they prefer to admire them from afar. Some can find the beauty of a really attractive person somewhat intimidating. So because of this, many go for someone considered “average” looking instead of the supermodel who they think is out of their league. Men may find themselves feeling anxious and inadequate when talking to a really pretty girl. And women may prefer a guy who is a bit more average as well. The unfortunate part is that they may have had a chance with someone considered very attractive, and never even given themselves the opportunity to find out. 

People think they may end up cheating

Unfortunately, a lot of people anticipate that attractive people will be cheaters. This is because they see them as a lot more desirable, and as if more people will want their attention. On some level, a potential partner may think that they will not be able to resist this much attention from other people, and will eventually cheat on them. Because of thoughts like this, many people do not want to be in a constant state of jealousy and paranoia. The reality is that attractive people are just as capable of being faithful in relationships as anyone else. The likelihood of someone cheating is more about their personality and character than their looks. 

Everyone assumes they already have a significant other

For the most part, an attractive person is usually thought of as taken. This can lead them to be approached far less than people. Their dream guy or lady can be anxiously hoping to make a move. This may never come to pass, because they would likely not anticipate that this person could ever be single. So in reality, this phenomenon can leave attractive people a lot less likely to be taken, because everyone thinks they are already. 

They have developed some serious trust issues

Amongst all of the many different ways people perceive those they think are more attractive, sometimes they tend to develop trust issues because of it. Attractive women may sometimes be worried that they are just arm candy, and that their mates may only be dating them to show off to their friends. It may seem like a compliment to be admired so heavily for your looks. But treating someone like mere arm candy can negate the fact that attractive people have personalities and feelings that should be considered as well. 

They are viewed as snobby or standoffish

The behavior of attractive people can be viewed totally different than those who may be deemed less attractive by societal standards. If an attractive person is shy and acts reserved, their actions may actually be interpreted as being snobby. A Reddit user shared the following story: “I went out to help a friend with an event, and he introduced me to a lot of people working at the fair. I talked to them nicely, then sat down in a place where I wouldn’t bother anyone, since they were busy selling their crafts to people. Sometime later, my friend told me everyone thought I was arrogant because I sat down away from everyone.”