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Top 10 Royal Family Member’s Net Worths

The House of Windsor has a powerful and impressive family tree. The way it’s designed, an heir to the throne is always ensured. With all its members combined, the British royal family runs almost 2,000 engagements globally, which makes them essential to the UK’s presence in the international scheme of things. 

The members include some very recognizable faces and household names, and most people in the world are familiar with the most iconic family in England. But despite how well-known they are, you’ll be shocked at how wealthy they are. Here’s how much the members of Britain’s most family earns.

1. King Charles III

Net Worth: $600 million

Working under the moniker Prince of Wales for over 60 years, DDCharles has completed many duties for the Queen and in the process, participated in hundreds of organizations. The main source of King Charles’s net worth is comprised of the Duchy of Cornwall, which is a private estate funding the lives of King Charles and his family members. While he had $100 million before ascending the throne, he’s the Queen’s sole real estate beneficiary, which amounts to a major inheritance. 

2. Prince George 

Net Worth: $3.6 billion

Shockingly, this little tot has one of the most insane net worths out of the entire royal family. Prince George’s net worth is due to a monumental combination of his mother’s and father’s funds, and this potential future king already attends many luxurious events along with attending one of the most distinguished schools in the world.

3. Princess Charlotte

Net Worth: $4 billion

With a net worth even larger than Prince Georgie, Princess Charlotte, who has been in the public eye since birth, is officially a billionaire at only eight years old. Her net worth doesn’t just come from her parents and the events she attends but also from her sense of style. Thanks to something known as “The Charlotte Effect,” her wardrobe determines what sells highly in clothing stores. At such a young age, she’s already an influence and trendsetter. 

4. Kate Middleton 

Net worth: $28 billion

Almost a decade after meeting each other, Kate wed William and the rest was history. Although she’s the first to join the family outside of the bloodline, it’s not exactly a rags-to-riches stories. Kate Middleton’s family runs a lucrative mail-order party supply business. Party Pieces is worth up to $23 million, and she’ll most likely inherit it. To boot, the majority of her expenses are paid for by The Duchy of Cornwall. 

5. Prince William

Net worth: $40 million + $1 billion estate inheritance

William, Prince of Wales, is second in line to the throne. His profit comes from a range of sources and includes the inheritance and dividends from his late mother, Princess Diana, and an annual salary from his time working as an  East Anglian Air Ambulance pilot. Prince William is said to donate much of his money to the EAAA charity.

6. Meghan Markle

Net Worth: $60 million

The Duchess of Sussex was in the public eye before she married a member of the Royal Family, earning her reputation on the TV show “Suits.” Even before her fame in Britain, she has always been passionate about charity work and speaking out against gender inequality. She also launched a clothing line in 2016, but her real claim to fame (and income) is thanks to marrying Prince Harry in May 2018. 

7. Prince Harry 

Net Worth: $40 million

The Duke of Sussex inherited $10 million from Princess Diana and has received dividends since his 25th birthday. Along with serving for the British military, he’s a patron of lots of organizations, including the HALO Trust and Walking With the Wounded. Only recently did he earn the title Duke of Sussex, which the Queen gave him when. He married Meghan Markle. 

8. Pippa Middleton

Net Worth: £50 million

Kate Middleton’s younger sister is a columnist, author, and socialite in England. The younger sibling of the Princess of Wales is known for her writing skills and sense of fashion. Several years back, she was paid £400,000 by Penguin Books as an advance for her own book on party planning.  Her hefty net worth is due to her family funds, her husband’s net worth, and the money she’s earned as an author.

9. Camilla Parker Bowles

Net worth: $5 million

Although her husband’s net worth is significantly higher, the King’s second wife has still been president, patron, and member of lots of organizations and charities throughout her time in the Royal Family. Before marrying Charles, Bowles worked as a receptionist and secretary at a few firms in London, but most of her funds come from the Duchy of Cornwall stipend and her real estate holdings.  

10. Princess Beatrice

Net worth: $3.8 million

Princess Beatrice of York is supported by a family trust and the private income of her father, Prince Andrew, which has not been disclosed to the public. Just like her sister Princess Eugenie, Beatrice has had multiple money-making job titles like business consultant, research associate, and production analyst. She also worked as the VP of Partnerships and Strategy at the software company Afiniti. While this number pales compared to more direct lineage members, she’s earned quite a bit of her value on her own.