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The Times Khloé Kardashian’s Photos Sparked Health Worries Among Fans

Khloé Kardashian’s life in the limelight isn’t all smooth sailing. Her ill-fated split from Tristan Thompson that happened just before the birth of their second child through surrogacy, coupled with a skin cancer scare, has put her under considerable scrutiny. But perhaps the most talked-about aspect is the critique she faces over her Instagram posts.

Being constantly in the public eye means every move, from her choice of outfits to the images she shares, is intensely scrutinized. The attention isn’t always positive, and Kardashian’s followers often express mixed feelings, sometimes even concern, based on what they perceive from her photos and captions.

We all are well aware of the fact that we live in an era where altering photos is commonplace, and Khloé Kardashian has faced a fair share of backlash for sharing edited pictures, especially during the 2021 photo controversy. Despite this, fans still voice worries (or in some instances – condemnation, thinly veiled as worry) about her well-being based on certain images, particularly regarding her weight.

One instance that stirred concern was Kardashian’s bikini photoshoot for her Good American clothing line. Khloé posted a photo of herself dressed in a pink bikini from her clothing line, looking quite thin. While some praised her appearance and attributed it to her hard work at the gym, others criticized her apparent thinness, expressing concerns about her health.

Commenters questioned the healthiness of her appearance, with some urging her to eat more and others outright stating that extreme thinness wasn’t a desirable look. Speculations flew regarding her weight loss (people do love to pass off their musings as facts), with some attributing it to the stress of motherhood.

In a video showcasing her bathing suit collection, fans expressed further concern when the bottoms of her bikini didn’t seem to fit well, igniting discussions on Reddit about her weight.

Another instance triggering worry was a photoshoot featuring Khloé and her sister Kim Kardashian. While the sisters flaunted matching outfits, fans speculated on their thinness, even commenting that perhaps the sisters are competing on who can show off more visible ribs.

Rumors started circulated about the Kardashians potentially using a diabetes drug (yes, that one, the one we’ve been hearing about recently) for weight loss, prompting Khloé to deny such claims on Instagram.

Even before her photo controversy, Khloé faced scrutiny for posting images that displayed starkly different appearances within a short span. Followers pointed out alterations in the photos, highlighting the disparity between the airbrushed, ‘Barbie-like’ images and the more natural-looking ones.

In response to comments about her changing appearance, Khloé retorted sarcastically, implying she underwent a weekly ‘face transplant.'( At least she has a sense of humor about it). Despite these speculations, she’s been transparent about her plastic surgeries, admitting only to a nose job amidst extensive rumors.