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Scandalous New Book Destroys Queen Letizia Of Spain

In the new book by royal biographer Jaime Peñafiel, dubbed “Letizia’s Silences,” shocking new information is brought to light about Queen Letizia, embarrassing not just one royal but the entire family. Showing a new side of the sovereign, the author portrayed the queen  as “cold, emotionally immature, passive-aggressive, and unfaithful to King Felipe.”

This statement was a bombshell to many, depicting the leader not as a queen of the people but as an ice queen with an attitude.

Peñafiel is on a mission to destroy the crown, starting with his 2023 release of Letizia and me. What secrets does Queen Letizia hide? After all the attention his first work garnered, the writer was back at his keyboard again with even more vicious words that would irreparably affect the reputation of Spain’s royal family. 


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An equally embarrassing collection of pages, it’s worth noting that the information in this work is limited to the author’s personal opinion rather than being made up of solely objective information with hard evidence.    

Claims of cheating and other alarming discoveries 

One of the most surprising assertions Peñafiel made was about Leticia’s infidelity against Felipe, who was aware of his wife’s betrayal. Evidently, he knew all the details, especially as his wife’s bodyguards constantly reported her location to him. While these accusations may seem wild and unfounded, Jamie del Burgo, the 53-year-old ex-husband of Queen Letizia’s sister, Telma Ortiz, confirmed the affair. In fact, he was the secret lover!

According to del Burgo, the relationship started in 2002, before Letizia met Felipe. They were even engaged. However, when she started seeing Felipe, she broke up with him.

Everything was going well between the royal and her husband until 2010, when Letizia’s relationship with her ex-boyfriend became a “complicit friendship,” of which Felipe was aware. Despite already being married, Letizia started a scandalous affair with her former beau. 

Apparently, the queen and Jaime fantasized about escaping to the United States together and starting a new life. Though Letizia was already a mother to Leonor and Sofia, she suggested having a child together via surrogate in LA. However, everything abruptly ended in 2011 when the Queen abruptly terminated their phone call, stating, “We cannot continue to see each other.”

In Peñafiel’s new book, he adds the detail that the queen couldn’t stay away from her ex Jaime. She met Jaime in 2011 in New York City, and she was always with her bodyguards. The bodyguards, as usual, reported back to the Zarzuela Police and Felipe what his wife had been up to. The writer said he was “devastated and crushed” by the betrayal.

Felipe was always loyal to his wife and fell for her when she was a journalist after seeing her on television, but now he had “fallen into hell,” according to the book.

Rather than splitting up, the royal biographer revealed that the couple lived separate lives and only put on the front of being a couple when making public appearances.

But the book’s claims go far beyond calling Letizia unfaithful. They assert that she had an icy disposition, a passive-aggressive attitude toward Filipe, and an overall lack of emotional maturity. As a result, Letizia does not have a good relationship with her mother-in-law, Queen Sofia, nor her sisters-in-law, who clearly take Felipe’s side. 

Controversies and defense from the press 

Some members of the Spanish press defend Letizia’s reputation and see an ulterior motive behind the scandalous book, speculating that behind both books penned by Peñafiel is a vendetta from King Emeritus Juan Carlos. Exiled to Abu Dhabi since 2020, King Emeritus Juan Carlos sought revenge against Letizia, whom he has always considered an enemy. King Felipe was on his bad side, too—Juan Carlos considered his loyalty to Letizia a betrayal.

Letizia’s whole world blew up when accusations of adultery and deception marred her name. But given her cold aura, the sovereign dealt with things by using the silent treatment rather than giving an official statement, attesting even further to her immaturity.

This disposition caused Felipe’s family to develop a hatred for her.

Will a documentary reveal more?

In another twist, there might just be a documentary that sheds more light on the situation. Jaime del Burgo has announced his participation in an eight-episode documentary series, despite the lack of confirmation. Everyone will eagerly await its release in 2025! For now, Letizia has not responded to her alleged lover or the royal writer.