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Meghan Markle Takes Cold Revenge Against Kate Middleton, Leaves Palace Furious 

Shots have been fired! The latest news of the Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle feud is juicy, and you’ll want to hear it. When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle jetted off to live their lives in the USA, far away from Buckingham Palace, many questioned their choices. The move meant that Archie and Lilibet would be far away from their close family, including their cousins Princess Charlotte, Prince George, and Prince Louis, a situation that surely tugs at the heartstrings.

Still, the Sussexes stood by their decision and started a new brand for themselves, which meant distance between their family and the rest of the royals. Not everybody was happy about that decision. In fact, those in the palace and beyond were annoyed by how the Sussexes depicted their royal life, especially since their new beginnings involved accusations against multiple members of the Royal Family. 

The couple made millions through signing Netflix and Spotify deals, exposing the secrets of their former lives, which in turn revealed the secrets of other family members. Kate Middleton and Prince William were particularly infuriated by the claims. 

Still, Harry and Meghan remained unbothered and didn’t miss any part of their royal lifestyle. That said, many of their decisions these days (especially when it comes to how they spend their money) appear to have been influenced by royal family members. For instance, the Invictus Games, despite being a noble event for veterans everywhere, is also a clever publicity move, as is much of what the Sussexes have accomplished in recent years. 

Meghan Markle’s popularity skyrockets in the USA

From a business and personal standpoint, it may not have been the best move for Harry and Meghan to begin an epic feud with the future king and queen. Still, it was unavoidable, and the rifts so far have been irreversible. According to multiple sources, William and Kate have no interest in repairing the relationship or reuniting with Harry and Meghan.  

Even when they were all one big happy family, Meghan wasn’t exactly popular in the United Kingdom. However, according to this Newsweek poll, her popularity has been rising since she returned to the US. Her net approval rating has risen to the same as King Charles – Meghan is liked by 36 percent but disliked by 24 percent, bringing her to an even plus 12. The couple’s resolution to visit Nigeria might just be the pinnacle of Meghan’s revenge against Kate. 

Although the UK adores Kate, her popularity sank after the photoshopped Mother’s Day debacle. The public deemed her untrustworthy, leading many to question the integrity of the entire monarchy. 

As Kate struggles with her own struggles, decline in popularity, and health issues, Meghan prepares to launch her lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard. Combined with the couple’s recent trip to Nigeria, where they were met with a warm welcome, it’s clear that the Sussexes are entering a positive new era filled with joy and new beginnings. 

Meghan connects to her roots in Nigeria

Still, the trip to Nigeria was seen by many as a move of revenge against the Royal Family. When Meghan disclosed that she had done a DNA test, it was revealed that the ex-actress is 43 percent Nigerian. Hence, Meghan’s purpose in visiting Nigeria was quite personal—to rediscover her roots.


Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, and her husband, Prince Harry, have been in Nigeria to promote mental health for soldiers and young girls. She spoke at a ‘Women in Leadership Nigeria’ summit, about her Nigerian heritage that she discovered through a genealogy test. Meghan told her podcast listeners in 2022 that she was “43% Nigerian”. #lifeandstlye #meghanmarkle #princeharry #nigeria

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They landed with smiles on their faces, greeting the public by taking selfies and enjoying the enjoyable aspects of being a royal without needing to follow the Firm’s rules. The tour of Nigeria led to a barrage of unwelcome public attention towards Buckingham Palace, but not a word of the royal family came out of Meghan and Harry’s mouths. According to royal expert Tom Quinn in his interview with the Mirror, Kate and William were enraged by the visit, feeling as though it was a royal visit, particularly the reception and school visits to meet “wounded soldiers and the disabled.”

Meghan Markle gets “cold” revenge on Kate Middleton in Nigeria 

They say revenge is a dish best-served cold, and Meghan understood the assignment! It did so all while making the public feel empathy for her, channeling her inner Princess Diana with her community work, which quickly went viral as a success story in the US press.

As Meghan lived her best life, the Duchess watched from the sidelines, feeling betrayed and hurt. It was the plot twist; she didn’t expect to see Meghan go from speaking negatively about the royal family to showing herself as a kind and compassionate woman.

Throughout history, there’s been no shortage of feuds. But Meghan’s unique stance as a “non-royal” princess offers unexpected advantages, one of which is shifting her public image into more of a positive light. Kate and William may be upset about the visit to Africa, but the Sussexes don’t care in the world about their lavish Montecito mansion, hidden from the paparazzi and royal protocols, a safe haven where they get to live their lives with privacy and independence.

While Meghan’s trip to Nigeria may have signified a new chapter in her life, her values and actions prove that she’s always been a princess at heart. 

Do you think the Meghan and Kate feud will ever stop, or is this friendship broken forever?