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8 Celebrities With Nearly Perfect Bodies According to Science

How do you determine a woman’s beauty? Is it her facial features? Body proportions? Popularity? Arguing about tastes is a never-ending cycle, but thankfully, we have the exact formula defined by science. What’s surprising is that these lovelies do not look like your standard 90-60-90 models at all. The “scientifically approved” parameters are reflected in the formula that determines the so-called golden ratio of proportions and symmetry of the body. And you’ll never guess which celebrity is at the very top!

1. Salma Hayek (88%)

They say beauty and brains are incompatible, but not in this case. In her early years, Salma Hayek almost became a politician – one everyone would vote for. She could conquer entire continents with her sharp wit, originality, and enticing body. But in that case, the world would lose a fantastic actress. One of Salma’s secrets to good posture is climbing stairs backward.

2. Elle MacPherson (88.3%)

Meet Elle, a mother of two children who is often referred to as an “ageless model.” She is a loving wife, a creative designer, and a hard-working businesswoman. Have you ever wondered how she manages to maintain such great shape? According to Elle, the secret lies in healthy nutrition, moderate exercise, and, most importantly, loving your body.

3. Cameron Diaz (91%)

According to Diaz, to be happy in life, you must control your emotions as well as take care of your body. Otherwise, you’ll be playing a game of catch-up for decades. Changes that come with age are natural and can still be attractive, but if you want to slow them down, try doing sports and yoga to help maintain your body. No diets or cosmetologists are necessary!

4. Kelly Brook (92.9%)

In 1998, Kelly Brook was regularly featured in FHM magazine and eventually got featured in the “100 sexiest women on the planet” ranking. In 2005, Brooke climbed to the very top of this list. Despite all this, Kelly is not fond of gyms, and some may even call her plus-sized. However, she is not ashamed of her body and allows herself to be admired. Perhaps this is the big secret of her charm?

5. Rita Ora (93%)

According to Rita, concerts will keep you in shape better than any gym. She doesn’t follow a strict diet and allows herself to enjoy her favorite treats, but she only eats half of whatever is in front of her. Rita also believes that physical activity should be enjoyable and that getting enough quality sleep is crucial for maintaining beauty.

6. Helen Mirren (95.6%)

Stratford’s celebrated actress has played many huge roles and continues to secure leading parts even at her age. Her flexible body, aristocratic appearance, sensuality, and, above all, the confidence she radiates make you fall in love with her time and time again. Or at least that was the effect when she was a tad younger. According to Helen, “crow’s feet” are nothing compared to the confidence that only comes with age.

7. Kim Kardashian (96.3%)

Kim is an extraordinary and persistent woman who can evoke both love and hate from people. However, her numbers speak volumes – with over 364 million subscribers on Instagram, her following is more than the population of the US. Kim is convinced that chic forms are the result of hard work. Kim has four kids, but you’d never be able to tell by just looking at her body.

8. Scarlett Johansson (96.4%)

ScarJo has a humble view of her body and considers it to be the same as everyone else’s. One of her professional goals is to actually play the role of an ugly woman or a mutant to prove to everyone she’s not just a pretty face. Scarlett has a daughter, Rose, with her ex, Romain Dauriac. The actress likes to preach her lifehacks to the younger generation, even if they are quite generic: drinking a lot of water, not smoking, and ignoring the alarm clock. Anyone can do that!